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Throw-Back “Virtual-Mentor”

The “Virtual Mentor” is a long running newsletter series written Ann Sweeney, a Mathematics Professor at St. Catherine University.  A full archive can be found here.

April, 2009

Recently, I have had several of you ask me about the algebra requirement for 8th grade.  If you are going to the MCTM Spring Conference in Duluth next week, you will have a wonderful opportunity to learn lots more about what 8th grade algebra is and how to help your students be successful learning it.  I just downgraded the program for the conference from the MCTM website at and found all sorts of wonderful workshops and sessions.

If you are like me and can’t attend the conference because of your broken ankle, there is information available for you, too, on the MCTM website.  At you will find a link to the 2007 MN Mathematics Standards, as well as a link to FAQs about them.  MCTM’s Algebra Task Force has done a wonderful presentation explaining the new algebra standard and you can download their presentation.  In case you missed the Matt Mentor article about 8th grade algebra, you can find it on the same webpage.

If you are headed to Duluth, don’t forget about the MCTM CONNECT session on Thursday evening, April 30 from 7 – 9 PM.  Meet with other new teachers, education students, experienced teachers, and MCTM CONNECT committee members.  Have a fun time having dinner, and learning about the conference and how to make the most of your conference experience.  You’ll also be in line for lots of give-aways and great door prizes while meeting and networking.  It is not too late to sign up for the connect session.  You can RSVP to me letting me know your name, level of licensure and school district (if teaching.)

Have fun in Duluth everyone.  I look forward to joining you next year.